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Why come to the Valauris, especially as a pilot ? 🤔🇺🇸🇬🇧

Hello Everybody!

Why spending your holidays here ? Especially as a pilot ? It's a good question... 🛩️

We have compiled a small list to help you choose where your next vacation location could be : 🤗

#1: The Valauris is located 3 km away from the International Flying Club of Sisteron ! Not even 5 minutes by car and approximately 35 minutes by foot. In addition, there is a restaurant right next to the club! ("Le Zinc")😋🌍

#2 : Are you looking for a quiet place after a long flight ? Well, the location of the Valauris is perfect for you! No car traffic, no close-by neighbours, just the singing of birds, the river flowing and the occasional conversation between the horses. 😌

#3: Want to stretch you legs after a long flight ? No problem! Our paths are laid out for you, with ideal places to sit down, close your eyes and relax.🏃‍♂️

#4: Hungry ? Easy, the "Super U" is only 8,5 km away, within a zoning filled with all kinds of shops and restaurants. (7 minutes by car, 30 minutes by bike or 1 h for the hiking enthusiasts). 🍽️

#5: Would you like to see provencial towns and villages ? Sisteron is 12 km away only. With plenty or restaurants. Valernes is 7 km away and La-Motte-du-Caire is 18 km away. (There is also a flight club there).

Want to take a look for yourself ? Did this list help you make your choice ?

We certainly hope so and we wish you a beautiful day, 🤠

Our best wishes,

The Valauris Team. 🌳

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