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What are the public transport commodities nearby? 🇺🇸🇬🇧

Good day everyone !

Very important question! What kind of public transports era there here ? How do you get to the Valauris ?🗺️

Well, firstly, it is important to mention that the car 🚗 is always preferred and recommended. With that, you are flexible and you don't have to rely on french public transportations. But if a car isn't an option, don't panic !

#1: The taxi. 🚕 According to Pagesjaune .fr, there are 7 taxi services in Sisteron alone!

#2: The train. 🚝 Yes, there is a train station in Sisteron! It's main connections are to Gap, Marseille and Peyruis, according the SNCF. From there, you can either take the cab, or bring your bike with you, or even on foot! (For the bravest)

#3: The Plane. ✈️ The closest airport to the Valauris is Marseille. With around 1h30 travel time by car to get there, or 2h40 with the train, according to Google Maps.

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We wish you a wonderful day, 🤠

The Valauris team. 🌳

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