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The Valauris garden ! 🇺🇸🇬🇧😎

Good day everyone !

Curious to know what we serve you at dinner in the summer ?

It is with lots of patience and love that Evelyne and David take care of the garden, so we can enjoy our own fruits and vegetables. 🥗

Even with the hardcore sun and the droughts, the Valauris’s garden can still grow thanks to the water pumped out of the Durance, and the two angels mentionned above. 🧚

Tomatoes, zuchinnies, salads, spices, pumpkins, potatoes, strawberries, cherries and even melons ! 🍅🥒🥬🌶️🥔🍓🍒🍉

A nice change from the Belgian weather where you can hardly grow anything exept potatoes… 🌧️

And if it is not in the garden, we watch out to buy mostly local to support the French farmers.

I said mostly because rice, for instance is hard to find “grown in France”…

Interested to taste the southern French flavors ? Don’t hesitate to stop by ! 🤠

We will be thrilled to have you here,

We wish you a wonderful day,

The Valauris Team. 🌳

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