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The local markets ! 🇺🇸🇬🇧😋

Good day Everybody !

Would you like to have a taste of the provencial and relaxed atmosphere here, while also discovering new local products ?

Well then, the local market are perfekt for you. 😎

These are organised once a week, each time in a different village nearby, to give a chance to the small, local farmers or artists to sell their work. But it is also an occasion to gather around a drink and catch up with everyone.

Soap, oils, seasonings, wool, cheese and much more is sold there. Every product is unique.

I absolutely recommend trying the soap made by nones nearby. It is simply AMAZING. 🤩

The markets take place every Thursday of the week in a different village of the region. Usually it is between Vaumeilh, Sigoyer and Valernes.

Of course, there are bigger markets organised in Sisteron and other major cities. Such as La Motte Du Caire for instance. 😁 The dates for these are easily found on the Internet if you wish to. 🤗

Interested to check it out for yourself ? Then don’t hesitate to stop by !

We will be thrilled to welcome you ! 🤠

Our very best wishes,

The Valauris Team. 🌳

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