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Story time ! Why have we installed the trails ? 🇺🇸🇬🇧🤓

Good day everyone !

Do you know why we have flatened out the existing paths already ?

Well, there are a couple of reasons :

Firstly, every one in the family likes to run. But Elena has had injuries to her ankles, making it very difficult for her to run on rocky und uneven trails, triggering her old pains. A problem that many runners may experience. 😬

Next, with the birth of the puppies, Evelyne’s dream of a dog team to pull a kart had gotten one huge step closer. A kart is like a dog sledge, only on wheels, as there is rarely snow here. But, the kart doesn’t fit on small wild trails, so, larger ways were needed for that. 🤔

Lastly, some of the portions of the preexisting paths were really bad. Be it being overtaken by weeds and thorny bushes or with rather unpleasantly deep holes in the ground which were certainly of much fun to the boars on the property but not so much for runners.

So now, the paths are large enough for the kart, flat and free enough to run on them without too much ankle pains or slowing down the crawl under or over bushes! Goal achieved ! 🤠

So, what do you think ? Do you like such backstories ? 🤔

Tell us what you think on Facebook in the comments ! We will be thrilled to read your thoughts!

We wish you a very happy day,

The Valauris Team. 🌳

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