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Some of the advantages to the Valauris as a scientist or a naturally curious people 🤗🇺🇸🇬🇧

Hello everybody!

Are you looking for a place where you can study the soil, fauna and flora of the Provence ?🤔

Here is why the Valauris could be the perfect fit for you ! 🤓

#1: the soils of the Hautes Alpes de Provence ? The Valauris provides you with its 5 hectares of land so that you can analyse in complete peace! (The only condition being that no damage whatsoever can be done to nature and any kinds of thermic heat sources are forbidden in the woods because of elevated forest fire risks). 🌳

#2: the wildlife in the area ? I can personally assure you that there is a wildlife on the land. Be it badgers, snakes, toads, foxes, deer, wild boars, lizards and all kinds of birds and insects. (Such as huge praying mantis!). The only condition beeing that no harm shall be done to the animals, nor any kinds of traps placed on the land. 🐗

#3: the flora ? There are also some, even blackberries ! Wild thyme, sage, wild apples, brambles and all other kinds of plants for which I don’t know the name of. A real pleasure for those having Google Lense to discover the names. Also, we will be glad to reference those plants to make a list. 🪴

Interested ? Go check out our Facebook page for more pictures ! 🤠

We look forward to seeing you,

We wish you a magnificent day and week-end, 😊

The Valauris team. 🌳

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