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Presentation of the region's advantages to fly here : 🇺🇸🇬🇧

Hello and welcome aboard ! 🛫

What are the advantages of coming in this area to fly ? Especially for gliders ?

Well... Here are some examples : 😉

#1: The weather! ☀️ It is exceptional here. Especially in summer. There are rarely clouds and even less rain. The saying here goes : "360 days of sunshine and the rest is nice weather!" Gliders here often take off as soon as noon or late in the morning, only to come back late afternoon, shortly before it gets dark.

#2: The view. ⛰️ Be it from standing on the ground or from 3000 meters above the ground, the scenery is breathtaking. Mountains with plains in between as far as the eye can see. Houses scattered here and there, fruit trees fields and lavender fields bring in nice colors, making the Hautes Alpes de Provence one of the most beautiful region in metropolitan France. 🍀

#3: The numbers of flight clubs is mindblowing. To give you an example, according to Google Maps, there are around 7 clubs at a maximum distance of 50 km of Vaumeilh ! A reassuring fact to know if you need an emergency landing :)... The chances of finding a club' s runway is high, which means that generally, you can avoid landing in one of the farmer's field. They'll appreciate it...😅

So here you go, this is our list of advantages. Did you think of something else we could add ?

Are you interested to see pictures ? Then check out our Facebook page : @ la Ferme de Valauris (1 L only).

Want to come by and stay for a few days to try it out? Then don't hesitate, we will be thrilled to welcome you! 🤠

We wish you a wonderfull day and weekend,

the Valauris Team.🌳

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