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Presentation of the region's advantages for scientists and curious people 🤓🇺🇸🇬🇧

Good day everyone, how are you all doing ?

Do you like going on vacation and learn about that place at the same time ? Are you curious to see what the Hautes Alpes de Provence has to offer ? For instance, are you more interested in its fauna or flora ?

Either way, here are some useful links you might want to look at:

#1: Firstly, the Valauris makes it land available for you to appreciate its (wild) fauna and flora. You can observe the different environments too, such as the forest patches mainly made of oak trees, its prairies or its rivulet (Syriez). The only rule : no damage or soiling of nature.

#2: There are a lot of geologic curisities in the region. All of them being breathtaking and with amazing stories behind them. Visit the link to Sisteron's webpage for more infos :

#3: The fauna 🐝 and flora 🌺 also stayed wild in most parts of this region (simply because many of them are hardly accessible - unless you are a goat or a donkey or have a helicopter to drop you off....). Therefore, many hiking organisations propose walks through the region, bringing you to the most astonishing places. In that context: Don't miss out on the "Gorges de Méouges"⛰️. It's a beautiful place with geological formations which are worth the sight - and in some spots one bath the river water.

There is so much more to be told but I'm going to stop for now and hope I could spike your interest in the region a tiny bit ;)

Interested in more ? Don't hesitate to also check out our Facebook page.

We wish you a wonderful day


The Valauris Team. 🌳🤠

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