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Meet the 4 legged family !

Good day everyone !

How are you all doing ? 🤗

We recently promised you to present you our dogs, so, without further of a due, here it is !🤠

Let’s start off with the oldest of the pack :

Gemma is a small cairn terrier who thinks that she is a big dog. So don’t tell her she is small, she won’t take it very well.

Gemma, in 2016 on the Compostella trail.

Diane, is a Groenendael (Belgian sheppard) who is incredibly fast.

She is also the one always looking for cuddles.

Taiga is a east European sheppard, who is very shy and the mom of the 4 puppies.

Taïga, with Sila in the background.

Sila, a German sheppard and the father of the puppies is a real beauty, barks loudly but only wants to be petted all the time.

Sila, claims to be by far the most beautiful of them all 😍

Mir (or "Mirka"), the firstborn male puppy, that is not so small anymore…

That ear is probably going to stay that way forever now...

Dakota (second from the left), the first female born right after Mir is like an exact copy of her mom, shy but very loving.

Dakota is the good girl in the red harness

Alaska, the second female, a bit round (don’t tell her that either) and an expert for finding shortcuts.

Alaska, watching out for mom while she paints.

Maverick ist the last male and strongly takes after his father.

Walks like an angel... Talks like an angel...

Voila, that was their short presentation. Of course, there is more to each one of them than this simple description. But don’t get me started on this… I would write you a book ! 😅

Anyway, don't hesitate to go on our Facebook page and leave a comment about your pets, we will be thrilled to read about them !😉

We wish you a wonderful day, 🤗

The Valauris Team ! 🌳

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