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Equestrian centres nearby the Valauris 🇺🇸🇬🇧🤠

Hello everybody,

We love horses, whether it's a Falabella or a Shire, they are just majestic animals, don't you think?

So, where is the best place to live the passion of the horse? 🤔

The equestrian center! 🐴

And here, in the Hautes Alpes de Provence region, there are plenty of them...

According to Google maps, there are about 13 equestrian centers around Sisteron alone! 🏇

Moreover, also on Google Maps, the vast majority of clubs have more than 4 stars reviews.

The best known is the Center Equestre du Poet, located in le Poet. Here is their website:

In addition, there are even competitions organised! 🏆

Curious to know more? Do not hesitate to come and visit! 😎

We wish you a wonderful day,🤠

Your team Valauris 🌳

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